xhub.com was established in 1998 by two friends, long before the days of gmail, twitter, and wordpress. It was created for a few reasons.

First; at this time during the history of the internet, it was not uncommon to receive an email, or even send one ourselves, saying something to the effect of: "My Email Address is Changing". Yes, Hotmail was out then, and we did have accounts, but Microsoft had just bought it and was in the process of switching the servers from Linux to Microsoft Windows Server. The change was immediately apparent as throughput to the site slowed down to a crawl. Displeased by this change of events, and not wanting to use an ISPs email since we'd probably switch in another year, we decided it would be best if we could control our own domain.

Second; we wanted a place online where we could create, test, and learn under our own domain, and not encumbered by adverts on sites like geocities.

Third; community. part of the original concept of the 'hub' in xhub was to provide a place for people to connect, much like we had been doing previously on dial-up bulletin boards. This last portion has never fully gotten off the ground, but it is always on my mind when thinking about what to work on next. I will get it there eventually, however other projects come up and pull my attention away from it.

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Cloud Computing
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